Design the Ideal Adult CPR/AED Course Experience

Imagine that you have the task of designing a completely new adult CPR/AED program, something that would be used by everyone in the general community including the workplace. What would you design if given this opportunity? What characteristics would your ideal course have?

Don’t be concerned about what currently exists. Don’t limit your ideas based on budget, resources, medical or professional society requirements, guidelines or standards, connectivity issues, or security, but do keep in mind current and possible future technological feasibility. Consider all possible uses that you or others could imagine for this new experience. Don’t just think only about content; also think about where, when, how, why and what.

Remember the idea is to create something entirely new, not add or subtract to what currently exists. In fact, a good way to begin is to imagine that the current ways that adult CPR/AED education are delivered were completely destroyed and eliminated from use and your job is to replace it with anything that you personally and professional would like. All the parts may be available, but they are not assembled. Keep in mind overall missions, goals of cardiac arrest survival in the community, and your own preferences, interests and needs.

Reminder: Your job is NOT to improve anything that you currently do or that currently exists, because NOTHING exists. Instead, your job is to be a designer and planner of the “ideal adult CPR/AED course experience” that you would want to participate in, learn from, teach, promote, share, and that would accomplish the missions and goals most important to your personal and professional interests and needs.

In the space provided list the elements you would like to include. Contribute these by beginning with phrases such as “my ideal CPR/AED course experience would have…” or “my ideal program would allow or ensure that…” or “my ideal CPR/AED experience would actually be a …”

Submit your ideal CPR course design ideas in the comment space below and then click Save to submit them.

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