About Us

Our core group began working together more than 30 years at the University of Pennsylvania. While holding primary affiliations in the Wharton School of Business, School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, we combined, integrated and applied knowledge and skills from our diverse educations, perspectives and methodologies to address organizational challenges by working on a wide range of sponsored projects and engaging in research. In 2013, Systems Wisdom, LLC was formed, separated from the University, and expanded its services.

As process consultants, educators and researchers we help organizations to reach their goals by enabling leaders and members to solve their own problems. While our community of consultants has deep expertise in the implications and applications of systems and design thinking, we also have exceptional skills and knowledge within enterprise sectors such as education, energy, technology, government, nonprofit, defense, transportation, and biopharmaceuticals.

Our Mission

To enable our clients to find the right solution to the right problem in complex environments.

We meet our mission through consulting, research and executive education predicated on translational consulting. We deploy different methods of thinking and different methodologies within an action learning approach.

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