What We Accomplish

We have more than 30 years experience consulting, conducting executive education and engaging in research with organizations confronting dynamic complexities, seemingly intractable problems, and the challenges of business model innovation.

By synthesizing knowledge and practices from the arts, sciences, design, business and technology, our translational consulting practice helps clients to foster the capacity to understand and deal with even the most volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations.

Through our distinctive executive education model that produces improved decisions and performance, we enable our clients to develop the proficiency to generate effective responses and navigate dynamic complexity based on rapid integration and deployment of a portfolio of competences and capacities.

We offer research to develop new opportunities, market challenges, and organization development and growth. By translating and providing tools from divergent sources, our clients acquire clear perceptions, accurate comprehension, and valid projections of their current and anticipated business environments. To close the gap between the current reality and their goals we facilitate strategic analytic and design practices.