Consulting Projects

Through our process-driven consulting, we help you refocus on the right issues to create impact and to make the most of the organization's wisdom in order to address complex challenges—so the systems work for the benefit of the organization, instead of against it. Recent engagements have included:

  • Complex problem formulation and emergent design through judicial combination of synthetic and analytic techniques;
  • Strategic management including strategic planning which uses planning methods that eliminates the need for forecasting and substitutes the use of assumptions and contingency planning;
  • Organizational rethinking and innovation of business models;
  • Complex project and program management;
  • Transformational enterprise solutions from smart integration of latest technologies with business system;
  • Organizational learning and adaptation including business intelligence by means of big data and smart analytics;
  • Combining data science and design techniques applied to organizational diagnostics, enterprise risk management, new product idea development, customer insights, performance management, product management, and safety, energy and environmental management;
  • Knowledge elicitation (e.g. for organizational diagnosis) through surveys, interviews, observation, workshops, design of experiments and games;
  • Data mining/ ML, statistical analysis, modeling & simulation (agent based modeling, systems dynamics, discrete event, social network, choice modeling, human behavior modeling), to understand and navigate organizational complexity;
  • Organizational design, process innovation, product design, deep customer experience design, design and implementation of analytic strategy, and human factor design and user testing;
  • Systems thinking perspective and management of entire data lifecycle (including big data & thick data) to achieve data to wisdom.