Michelle Capobianchi

Michelle Capobianchi is a human services professional working in institutional food service and management. As Hiring and Training Manager at Villanova University she has oversight for complex organizational and personnel activities including the University meal plan, a $30 million activity, and revenue reporting for all retail operations. During her 15 years at Villanova she has built positive and trusting relationships with her colleagues and clients which have supported her professional success.

Michelle began her professional affiliation with Villanova while an undergraduate by working in dining services. After graduation she joined as a full-time staff member then began to focus on talent development. She spent two years as the University’s Catering and Sales Event Manager before moving to her current position about which in the Villanova HRD Corner Newsletter profile she was described by colleagues as the "all-star Training Manager." Not surprisingly, Michelle is also the winner of the Villanova University Distinguished Service Award (in 2012).

Michelle sees herself as a life-long learner. She completed her BA in English with a minor in Business, MS in Human Resource Development, then a post-Master’s Certificate in Human Resource Development all at Villanova University. She is an active national member of the Society for Human Resource Development (SHRM) and the National Association of College and University Food Service (NACUFS) from which she was a scholarship recipient for their Leadership Institute hosted by Nestle Corporation.