Robert Schatz

Bob Schatz is a 30+ year veteran in the field of enterprise software and systems development and leadership. He has held leadership positions at GE/Lockheed-Martin, Liquent, Primavera Systems, and Solstice Software. Currently, Bob is the Owner of Agile Infusion, a training/consulting practice started in 2006 that helps large enterprises successfully adopt lean/agile practices.

He began his practice as a result of leading the much-publicized agile transition at Primavera beginning in 2002 then helping many other companies around the world do the same. His clients have included NASA, SAP, HP, Scripps Networks, Turner Broadcasting, Intuit, H&R Block, Jewelry TV, Disney, Accenture, Avid, Line6, US Federal Government Agencies, Cisco, Intergraph, Symantec and many others.

Bob earned a BS Degree in Computer Science from Temple University and an MS Degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Bob lives in Bucks County Pennsylvania with his wife Sheri. They have 3 children and 3 far!

Bob notes, "I am fortunate to have been admitted to the innovative Doctoral program in Strategic Leadership at Philadelphia University because graduates will be in high demand and sought after as experts in the application of integrated systems and leadership practices. We will have the battle scars to show that we've lived and breathed the theory, practice, pain, and glory of great leadership. I look forward to the challenge. I owe much to all the people I've had the opportunity to serve as a leader, my mentors, and my great clients. A special thanks to my amazing wife and family, in advance, for supporting my pursuit of this degree."