Shawn Arista Millin

Shawn is a Program/Performance Analyst at the U. S. Social Security Administration (SSA). With experience in both the private and public sector, the majority of Shawn's professional experience is from her 17 years with the SSA which has included the Office of Systems, Office of the Chief Strategic Officer, and the Office of Budget with various responsibilities ranging from agency investments, human resources and organizational development.

Adept at communicating effectively across business units and collaborating with various stakeholders, Shawn brings a different outlook on how the public and federal government should interact. Proficient in addressing complex problems, Shawn has extensive knowledge in developing culture changing process improvement and strategy that can support achievement in organizational goals. Part of a small team at SSA, Shawn co-developed SSA's Vision 2025 and SSA's 2018-2022 Agency Strategic Plan.

Shawn is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. where she has held several leadership positions including 1st Vice President, Fundraising Chair and the Strategic Planning Committee Chair. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Shawn is a graduate of Morgan State University holding a BA in Political Science, an MS in Criminal Justice Administration-Public Policy from Coppin State University, and she is a Doctoral Student in Strategic Leadership at Thomas Jefferson University.