Gnana K Bharathy

As a data and design scientist, I bring a combination of skills in analytics (analysis, research, elicitation of data, information and knowledge) and synthetics (model building, design/ systems thinking, and collaborative project management) to provide organizational diagnostics, business insights, and decision support. Combined with other skills and mindset at Systems Wisdom, these skills provide you with needed competencies to tackle problems as well as to find innovative solutions.

I employ hybrid analytic and modeling techniques such as systems dynamics, discrete event, agent-based modeling (with both simple and cognitive agents incorporating human behavior), statistical analysis, and data mining. I also handle the entire life cycles of data and modeling, including eliciting and translating business problems into conceptual models, eliciting data for the models, validating and interpreting models, and designing and bringing to fruition such IT solutions as decision support systems.

As the Systems Wisdom co-founder in-charge of Asia Pacific operations, my consulting experience for the past decade can be evenly divided between commercial and research based consulting activities. My practice also spans industry sectors including Healthcare, Government, Institutions, Infrastructure, Energy, Environmental, Public Policy, Manufacturing, ICT, Consumer Goods and Finance/ Insurance, and professional services. It also spans North America, Australasia and Asia.

I have developed a wide range of analytic and simulation models, and have applied analytic techniques in support of performance management, process and organizational diagnostics, customer insights, risk (enterprise, strategic and operational risks), strategic planning, business operations, consumer and stakeholder behavior. Some of my research work in social system modeling has earned me awards such as the INCOSE-Stevens award for promising research in systems engineering and integration, and Wharton Risk Management and Decision Process Center's Ackoff award for carrying out research on human decision processes.

In order to support modeling approaches and to gather data for the models, I also employ a range of semi-quantitative and qualitative research techniques, particularly expert knowledge elicitation through surveys, interviews, focus groups, protocol analyses (observation) and experimental design. I also offer training around the models developed.

I hold MS and PhD degrees in Systems Sciences and Engineering (with a focus on modeling social and information systems) from University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Engineering (Process, Environmental and Risk) from University of Canterbury, and a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the National Institute of Technology. I also hold a PMP certification. I continue to hold research relationships with the Ackoff Center for Advancement of Systems Approach (ACASA) at the University of Pennsylvania and the Centre for Study of Choice (CenSoC) at the University of Technology Sydney.


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