Hercules Bothma

I can help you maintain a sustainable relevance through value-based solutions. As a business technology executive with international customers across industries, my customers benefit from pragmatic solutions fit for implementation and value realization. My academic qualifications include an BSc. Engineering and a Master of Industrial Administration at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

I have been a successful professional executive for more than 25 years, which included pioneering new approaches and solutions as well as effective troubleshooting for complex business technology initiatives and customer accounts at Deloitte and SAP. A key skill that I provide to initiatives is the ability to build trusted relationships across contexts and cultures. One of the highlights of my career was to be a part of an innovative team that developed a pervasive value-based culture for large corporations with the development of focused business cases and industry benchmarking for their business technology initiatives that had a significant impact on the growth of the business.

As a global citizen, I worked and lived in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and USA. In addition to English, I speak and write German and Afrikaans fluently and have a basic understanding of Dutch and Flemish. My travels extended my passion for learning about different cultures, whether it be regional, national or organizational.

My post graduate studies in 1996 focused on Operations Strategy based on Systems and Design Thinking and since then, I applied the systems thinking worldview successfully as a valuable approach to develop sustainable solutions. To complement my first job as an engineer at a large utility company, I explored behavioral psychology to enable effective dispute resolutions, negotiation, training design and project management. For 20+ years, I enjoyed a successful international career in the business application software industry.

Over the past 5 years, I assumed roles in both the executive education field and university programs. Systems thinking, complex problem solving, and organizational models were at the core of my involvement with an EMBA program. Eco-Innovation and sustainability proved to be a valuable program to help college students develop and adopt circular economy principles when designing and delivering products and services. My recent personal education focus has been on sustainable strategies, exponential organizations within the new digital and big data contexts and the possibilities for flexible organizational models.