Ramin Sedehi

Member, Board of Directors

Ramin's career is highlighted by his decades of pragmatic and transformative leadership in healthcare, academic medicine, and higher education. He is known as a visionary and strategic leader and an intrapreneur committed to innovation. Ramin is an author and speaker on the criticality of emotional connection to leadership. He currently serves as the Chief Strategy Advisor at EmCLeaders, a company focused on organizational and leadership training, development, and transformation.

As a seasoned executive, he has led at several world-class organizations (UCSF Health, UCSF Stanford Healthcare, University of Pennsylvania, American University of Beirut, and Weill Cornell Medicine.) He has successfully navigated these entities through periods of significant change. Ramin was also the founder and leader of a consulting practice at the Berkeley Research Group that engaged multiple national and international institutions to develop dynamic strategies to maximize sustainability and innovative capacity.

Throughout his career, Ramin has developed and led the implementation of numerous strategic efforts that have transcended borders which have striven to balance sustainable financial and organizational frameworks, aspirational objectives, and situational contexts to help each entity thrive. These collaborations have led to unprecedented results such as large-scale mergers of academic health systems, revitalization of major academic institutions and a commensurate rise in national rankings, and international efforts to foster sustainable and innovative institutions.

As an award-winning teacher at Penn, Ramin's courses were consistently rated by students as the most satisfying in their program, employing early versions of hybrid learning, cohort learning, and experiential learning concepts.

Ramin is a strategist who thinks holistically, an innovator who believes in exploration, experimentation, and diversity of thought to bring about change. He is a builder of adaptive organizations committed to empowering people to reach personal and organizational aspirations.

His current areas of professional interest are:

  • The appreciation of complexity within organizations to foster the greater use of systems thinking and holistic approaches toward solving the intractable problems.
  • The exploration of a sustainable institutional structure, which seeks stability while encouraging risk-taking and innovation, develops financial resources while minimizing societal impact, and promotes competition while ensuring compassion.
  • The development of leadership education and development, which can grow and nurture courageous servant leaders who are capable of leading in an environment of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and adversity.

Ramin is an active mentor and life coach, an avid ultrarunner, and an aspiring writer, working on fiction and non-fiction projects. Ramin holds a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and has completed graduate studies in Public Administration from California State University, Hayward.